Denise Hargon Reiki Master  —   Professional Life Coach  —   Retired US Army Officer

Denise’s distinguished professional life began with a career in the US Army. Seeking a dramatic lifestyle change after serving 24 years in the fast paced and demanding US Army, Denise established The Art of You. Today, she blends a number of exceptional talents acquired over three decades to offer a unique brand of service to her clients.

Denise retired with honors from the US Army, and now brings that same energetic focus and commitment to her clients. She is renowned for her superior service in all endeavors as evidenced by attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the competitive and achievement minded military. A strong leader, a critical thinker and an expert planner, she excelled in particularly tough, demanding and high profile positions in highly sought after assignments at the Pentagon and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Denise served in a number of senior management level positions and is especially skilled at providing management consulting to businesses and organization.

Today, she is a powerful and experienced coach who incorporates her exceptional gift of a highly attuned sense of intuition and humor along with practical life experiences and skills. She is committed to and passionate about working with the Military and Veteran Communities where she maintains strong and loyal connections. Denise is also an expert working with clients undergoing a life transition or seeking to make major changes in their lives. Having effectively navigated a number of major life transitions of her own, Denise understands that one can have the most serious and challenging situations in their lives and yet live with great joy, passion and happiness.

Denise is a Holy Fire III® Karuna® Reiki Master and absolutely loves sharing Reiki with others. In 2010, she began her Reiki journey and continually strives to learn more about Reiki and its healing energies. Denise is a highly skilled Reiki teacher and practitioner and cherishes her time in sharing this gift with others.

Denise serves on the Board of Directors of the Wounded Heroes Family Adventures in Breckenridge, CO. She is a member of the Reiki Membership Association, the Military Officers Association of America and the National Veteran Owned Business Association. She lives in Breckenridge, Colorado where she enjoys the outdoors year round. Denise loves Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking and traveling the world.

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The Art of You is qualified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.


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