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The Art of You blends talents acquired over three decades to offer a unique brand of service. My core philosophy in life is "if it is not fun, I am not going to do it".

I know that one can have the most serious and challenging situations in their lives and yet live their lives with great joy and happiness. My business reflects this philosophy and includes only those aspects which I have great passion and enjoyment.

The Art of You is excited to offer the following services:

As a Reiki Master, a professional life coach and retired US Army officer, I provide a diverse group of services to my clients. These skills all complement each other. My skills derived from a career in the US Army and as a Reiki Master translate into valuable life skills and experiences that are vital in coaching. They also set The Art of You apart from other management consulting organizations with the depth of talents I developed as a senior leader and as a professional life coach.

The foundation of The Art of You is built on deep understanding what you, the client wants and delivering services specifically designed to meet your needs. My business approach is client centric and focused on adding value to the client. I consider flexibility and agility as key elements in our business relationship as I appreciate that each client is unique and a that a standard solution is not always appropriate.

The Art of You is qualified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business.


colorado life coach, denise hargonDenise is an incredible coach! Her powerful coaching has dramatically improved the quality of my life! life coaching, colorado, us

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Self-Discovery  —   New Possibilities  —   Celebration

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