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Professional Life Coaching Tell Me More About Coaching

Coaching is a professional relationship, a partnership really that is client centric and focuses on the client’s goals. At some point in our lives, many of us seek support in reaching a specific goal or developing better relationships in our lives. We may also seek clarity in a period of transition and to develop a plan to move forward with our true desires. Perhaps we need to expand or refine life skills and strategies to improve the quality of our lives. A professional coach supports a client in all of these areas and many more!

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An experienced coach spends their time listening to their client, on what is said and often more importantly what is not said. I am curious and judgment free and will ask insightful questions to create a safe environment of discovery, awareness, conscious choice and action. Coaching is essentially a very powerful conversation! I find that when a client discovers a solution that resonates with them, they become more committed to their own success.

Many of my clients prefer that our coaching conversations be held over the telephone in the convenience of a setting of their choosing. If clients are in the Breckenridge, Colorado area, I also am available to coach them in person. For those outdoor lovers we can enjoy the outdoors while we talk. Please know that absolutely all coaching conversations remain strictly confidential.

It is important to note that coaching is not therapy and it is also not consulting. I do not coach clients around professional counseling issues as I am simply not qualified to do so. I also believe that my clients ultimately have the answers they are seeking; it is my role to help them to discover these answers!

Coaching Style

I love and respect my clients and easily connect with people. I approach coaching with a sense of humor, curiosity and directness. I was formerly an accredited coach with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Now, I choose to conduct a more intuitive form of life coaching. I can now introduce different modalities to the coaching experience depending on the client’s preference. These include the use of Reiki sessions or meditations, or can just involve a highly attuned sense of intuition. In bringing energy work and intuitiveness into the coaching relationship, my clients more quickly connect with their truth and discover their answers faster than in traditional coaching.

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Coaching Specialties

  • Building Healthy Relationships.
  • We all strive for meaningful relationships in our lives and often this is not easy. I find that both poor communication and boundary issues contribute to unhealthy relationships. I coach my clients on skills such as “Respectful Truth Telling”; Letting Go of Toxic People; and Setting Healthy Boundaries so they can build the strong healthy relationships they desire.

  • Leadership Development.
  • Do you want to grow your leadership and managerial skills? Then leadership development coaching is for you! Often leaders face a number of challenges including, communicating effectively, leveraging the talents of the entire team and developing strategic plans for their organization. I provide leadership development programs for clients based on my extensive leadership experience. I coach clients on developing effective communication strategies; how to empower and leverage their team fully, change management solutions, how to conduct strategic planning and many other skills strong leaders need to succeed.

  • Lives in Transition.
  • Clients seeking to make major changes in their lives. I have navigated a number of both major career and personal changes in my own life and am very skilled at coaching others in this area. We will gain clarity on what you want and design the life that you truly desire. Developing an action plan to assist you in achieving your goals is an important part of the process.

  • Veterans.
  • I coach veterans at all stages of their lives. As a retired US Army officer I know firsthand the unique demands and challenges facing both our currently serving military and our veterans. We speak the same language and do not have to explain “what we mean” in our conversations.

Professional Education and Experience

Formerly, I was an accredited as an International Coach Federation (ICF) coach. Today, I still abide by the ICF Code of Ethics in my coaching relationships. Below are some specific skills and qualifications I bring to coaching relationship:

  • Extensive senior leadership experience in both the military and private sectors. My leadership experience spans over 35 years.

  • Over 250 hours of coach specific training at the ICF accredited Coach U.

  • Especially skilled in senior management, leadership development, strategic planning, change management, developing effective communication strategies and operations management.

  • Professional and agile coach with clients including: high potential government leaders, small business owners, veterans and private life coaching clients.

  • Highly experienced Holy Fire III® Karuna® Reiki Master (teacher and practioner).

How Do I Get Started?

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